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What Happens If You Put Onion Slices in Your Socks Before Bed

Most of us view onions as food, even those who are not so fond of their rather pungent smell. But the kitchen isn’t the only place these veggies have proven useful.

For example, were you aware you can clean the grill with hem? And that is not even the strangest thing one can do with onions…

You may have seen some comments on the web about how onions, once placed inside your socks overnight, can improve your general health. This method can supposedly alleviate fever-like symptoms, and even colds and the flu!

What Others Have to Say

There are certain individuals who have already given this method a chance, and have been pleasantly surprised at how effective it can be. Take Jennifer Thompson, for instance. She’s a blogger you decided to get to the bottom of this unusual theory.

She shared this ‘Onion Sock Cure’ with her readers, and some of them decided to give it a try. Needless to say, the results were astounding. One who had the flu for 3 days felt fine the next day after having tried it. Another had a dreadful fever, and she claimed it worked like a charm!

How Does It Work?

Any reflexologist will explain to you that the bottom of one’s foot has about 7000 nerve endings! All of which link to different organs all throughout our bodies. You could say it’s like a map of our entire system.

A homeopathic doctor based in Los Angeles, and author of the book Natural Pregnancy, Dr. Lauren Feder says there is indeed some truth in this, onions possess natural healing abilities!

For instance, with a cold, if one places an onion pouch in a room, it can aid with congestion. She added that onions aren’t just capable of treating colds, but can also come in handy with bladder infections, earaches and teething.

What to Do?

First, you take an onion (it doesn’t matter if it’s white or red) and cut it up. Then attach those slices to the places on your feet’s bottom which are appropriate according to the way reflexologists explain. And once you have strapped each piece into its correct place, put on a pair of socks.

It’s a good idea to take a pillow or two and elevate your feet while you’re sleeping. Believe it or not, once you’ve woken up, you will have successfully purified your blood, as well as killed any pathogens, germs or bacteria.

This is all thanks to the potent antiviral and antibacterial properties of the onion! You’ve got nothing to lose, dear readers. We can only offer you this information and advise you to give this method a try. When it comes to health, nothing is ‘too weird’ or ‘crazy’, right? Stay healthy.

Source: Bored Daddy | Step to Health