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Try the 5 Best Exercises for Firmer Thighs and Buttocks

The lower half of your body is the hardest part to tone. And fitting in those skinny jeans is a struggle on a daily basis. But, that doesn’t mean that you should hate that part of your body.

You need to see if from a different perspective, consider this part as the part of first responders. Why like that?

It will all make sense after you get to know with the fact that your thighs are actually the ones that first tell you the message that you are either not eating healthy and consuming a lot of junk food or that you haven’t exercised for a while.

And it is very easy to learn how to have legs that look smooth and toned.

There is no need for expensive gyms and too much time. You can do these exercise at your home and at the same time burn fat, have nice toned legs and strengthen your body.

These exercises are useful for sculpting your butt and thighs.  At first, you can start just with one set of each exercise. With time according to your body and ability, feel free to increase the sets.

Butt Sculpting Exercises

Perfect to tone your butt and actually very simple. And with tone thighs and legs, sculpted butt will come as a bonus.

1. Donkey Kick

With this exercise, not only your core but your gluts strengthen as well. You can first start on your knees and hands. Put the hands below your shoulders and remember to place your knees directly below the hips.

Then stretch one of your legs, it is your choice whether you start with the left or the right. Extend your leg behind and make sure to be in line with the spine. Imagine a straight line from head to toe in order to do the exercise properly.

After that, lower your leg back down slowly, and then you can repeat all this with the other leg. After a while, if you want to do a more challenging version, you can try doing it with a bent leg.

2. Glute Bridges

This is actually a simple stretch for your hamstrings, gluts and lower back. Start with lying on your back with bent knees and place your arms at your side.

After you are in the proper position, in slow motion squeeze gluts and lift the hips as high as you can. To do the exercise properly imagine a straight line from the knees all the way to the shoulders.

To avoid strain remember to keep your neck and head relaxed. After few seconds lower your hips back to the ground in slow motion.

If you want to do a more difficult variation, use the same instructions but only using one leg at a time. Keep your right leg straight and use your left hand as a base and push the hips up.

Remember to switch sides.

Thigh Exercises

3. Inner Thigh Leg Lift

First, lie on your side. Then bend the top leg over the one at the bottom and place your knee on the ground in front.

After that raise the leg that is straight few inches and lower it but bear in mind not to touch the ground. Do 10 reps on each side.

4. Side Lunge

Start with the position where your legs and shoulders are width-apart. Step to the left and put your weight over the bent leg. Then slowly return, bear in mind that fast doesn’t also mean good.

Yes, you might shake, but that means that the exercise is working. After you return, place your foot back where it was. Do 10 reps on each side.

Then with time if you feel that you can do more, feel free to increase the reps.

5. Butt Lift with Medicine Ball

The first thing you need to do is to lie on the back, while your feet are on the floor and your knees are bent. Put the medicine ball between your knees. Then squeeze the medicine ball and lift your butt in a straight line with the shoulders.

Remember to keep your neck relaxed, in order not to strain. When you are up, stop and hold for 30 seconds and go back down to the ground.

You can increase the time you pause at the top if you feel that you can do more than 30 seconds.

Get toned thighs and feel good about yourself.

Source The Hearty Soul | Redefining Strength

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