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5 Good Reasons Why You Must Stop Drinking Diet Soda Immediately

The idiom ‘diet soda’ may sound health-conscious, but does it really do any good for us at all? Or is it more hazardous that it is beneficial for our health? The answers lie within this article.

Diet sodas are indisputably free of calories. However, most of them are carbonated and contain a significant amount of artificial sweeteners, which make it detrimental to our health in so many ways.

If you’re still considering quenching your thirst with diet soda to beat the summer heat, you might want to reconsider your assessment.

5 Reasons Why to Avoid Drinking Diet Sodas

1. Potential Heart Health Risks

A study following a 12-year time gap and 42.000 men in the Karolinska Institute of Sweden has found risks to develop heart failures from drinking 2 or more diet sodas per day to be as high as 23%.

Furthermore, the same condition was the root of the lethal impacts sweetened beverages had on 500 people.

Although they didn’t distinguish the types of soda, the risk amounts of all kinds of sodas for heart failures were equal.

2. Kidney Diseases Risk

The impacts of diet soda on the kidneys were analyzed, showing they could potentially lead to various failures and conditions.

Namely, the high intake of the artificial sweeteners in soda and sodium can induce kidney dysfunction, particularly in women.

Women who drink 2 (or more) diet sodas a day, increase the risks of kidney function failures by up to 30%. However, further studies about the link between the 2 of them are due to happen shortly.

On the other hand, prevention is by far a better option than treating a particular condition.

3. Risks of Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes

Metabolic syndrome is a dire condition and a collectively used term for the risk factors which crucially increase the belly fat, as well as the risks for high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and heart attacks.

In 2008, the University of Minnesota conducted a study which included over 10.000 adult people.

Results indicate the risks of metabolic syndrome to be as high as 34% in people who drank 1 bottle of soda per day, and up to 36% of people who regularly drank diet soda.

Moreover, individuals who drank diet soda every day have substantially increased their risks of type 2 diabetes by up to a staggering 67%!

4. Significant Weight Gain

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio conducted 2 studies back in 2011 and 2015. The results show a minimum of 2 inches increases in the waistline due to 2 servings of soda per day.

People who consumed diet soda on a daily basis had 70% greater increase in their waistline compared to those who didn’t drink soda at all.

Even more, the width of the waist circumference increase at regular diet soda consumers was 500% more than non-consumers.

The artificial sweeteners in diet sodas provoke the body’s insulin, which leads to fat storage and inevitably – weight gain.

Weight gain, in turn, disables the natural ability of the body to regulate intake of calories.

5. Depression Risk

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener inside many diet beverages and a hazardous chemical that can potentially be conducive to neurotoxicity. In which case, comes only second to arsenic.

The risks of going into depression for people who drink diet soda are as high as 30%, according to the American Academy of Neurology.

Hence, replacing the artificially sweetened diet beverages with a unsweetened coffee can decrease the risks of an individual going into a depression.

In summary, diet soda is not a health-conscious choice as it seems to be. The good thing is that now you know where to cut down and where to add up instead.

So, the next time you’re thirsty, have a cup of coffee instead of a diet beverage. It is by far the better option for your health and your body will be thanking you for it!

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