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The Truth About Statin Drugs and Why They Are Bad

The statin is a drug that is used to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Before, doctors wanted to put these stain drugs into the water supplies and to be hand them out to the customers of fast food.

In fact, 1 out of 4 Americans that are 55 years old and more use statin drug and most of them do not have heart and cardiovascular problems.

Many of these Americans are prescribed with these drugs just for their high cholesterol. However, the FDA i.e. Food and Drug Administration started forcing some because of the side effects that are found on the statin ads and labels.

Maybe that was the cause why Pfizer which is among the world’s largest pharmaceutical company was not satisfied with $140 billion sales revenue at the time when the patient was in effect on Lipitor. Lipitor is part of the drug class of statins.

Nowadays, the cardiologist and doctors push stains on middle-aged people, and in turn, the pharmaceutical companies continue to collects profits with their versions of statin drugs.

In fact, there are cases of young people that take statins. They have an outdated attitude when it comes to LDL levels i.e. low-density lipoprotein cholesterol that is bad cholesterol and HDL levels i.e. high-density lipoprotein cholesterol that is good cholesterol.

Dr.Carolyn Dean MD, ND, a promoter of the supplementation of magnesium, discussed a Japanese study. That study points out the statin drugs as the perpetrators when it comes to the bad health of the heart and not as the solution to the health of the heart.

Canadian Ad – Example of  Pro-Statin Propaganda

This ad below appeared in Canada in 2002. In fact, this ad was from Pfizer with clear implication. The implication was that in order to stay alive and healthy you need have a low blood cholesterol and for that, you better take a statin.
The Truth About Statin Drugs and Why They Are Bad

But is this true? There is no evidence that you can prolong your life by taking statin drugs.

It implicates that as long as you have low blood cholesterol, you can consume anything.

The FDA and Most Doctors Don’t Consider Studies That Trash Statins

In March 2015 the Journal Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology published a Japanese study. This study concluded that statins actually stimulate heart failure and atherosclerosis.

Dr. Dean made a little stinger about this study. She said that the modern epidemic of atherosclerosis and heart failure might get worse by the extensive use of the statin drugs.

And she thinks that the current guidelines of statin treatment should reevaluate.

According to the abstract of the study, statins interfere with the production of CoQ10. The initial use of CoQ10 i.e. Coenzyme Q10 was for the heart health, and it ts discovery was in Japan.

After that, it spread on an international level as a supplement to boost ATP or cellular energy production.

Which means that this supporting coenzyme that is necessary for good cardiovascular health and good heart is actually exhausted by the statin drugs.

In the abstract the vitamin K2 is also mentioned and it is stated that this vitamin is inhibited. The supplements MK-7 and K2-7 along with foods that are rich in K2-7 such as natto are necessary.

They are necessary because they need to ensure that there won’t be any calcification within the heart chambers and arteries.

The magnesium along with K2-7 makes sure that the calcium gets into the teeth and bones. When there is calcification of calcium in the arteries that might cause inflammation that the cholesterol usually tries to repair.

And that is how the cholesterol is the one to blame when there are blocked arteries. Because it forms protection like band aides on the buildups of calcium that inflame the arteries.

There is worse heath health because of the emphasis on build-up on calcium supplements. The vitamin K2 assists calcium from the blood and into the bones.

Why Bit of Cholesterol is Necessary?

The silica and magnesium are minerals that also help in this process, and that is why Dr. Dean is a passionate promoter when it comes to magnesium.

This study also notes that statins impair the biosynthesis of the selenium proteins like glutathione. In fact, the glutathione can help prevent lipid peroxidation, the process that hurts the membranes of cells that are fat.

In 2013 in Ireland there was a study about the ugly side of the statins. The conclusion of the researchers was that the findings of the major adverse effects of the statins drug were under report.

And also concealed and withheld from the public, which is a scientific farce.

This study was done way before certain scientists came to the realization that the epidemic of neurological disease and Alzheimer’s is connected to the statin drugs.

And the harmful effects they have of destruction of the manufacture of cholesterol, which is the actual target of the stains.

A bit of cholesterol is necessary in order for the nervous system and cell walls myelin sheathing. Both help protects the central nervous system to boost proper electrical neuron communication.

Better Option To Maintain Heart Health

There are basic suggestions on how to keep the health of your heart by Dr. Dean. She recommends to use the master mineral and when she says that she means magnesium.

Load up with quality magnesium, because this mineral is part of more than 300 cellular and metabolic process. And many of these processes can affect your heart directly.

Dr.Dean notes that magnesium can also interfere with cholesterol and its over-production and does not wreck the production like the statins.

You can maintain a good balance of production of cholesterol with magnesium.

In case you have little cholesterol even the fundamental transformation of sunlight to vitamin D3 might not help. And there cannot be the appropriate production of brain cells and lipid support of the cell membranes.

In fact, Linus Pauling, famous chemist and author, made his own combination of L-Lysine amino acid combination and vitamin C. The purpose of this combination is to remove any calcified plaque from the arteries and to boost arterial elasticity.

Watch this video below and find out what Dr. Stephanie Seneff thinks about statin drugs.

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