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Shocking Facts About White Flour You Must Know

You consume this food on a daily basis, but are you aware what you are consuming at all? We are thought to believe that this food is the most usual, harmless addition to our everyday diet.

But is that the case? Are you ready to face the truth? A diet of death and chronic disease is the standard American Diet.

The Federal District Court of Missouri in 1910 made an announcement that the bleached white flour is not good to be consumed.

However, H.W. Wiley the first chief of FDA i.e. Food and Drug Administration reports that this law and its enforcement was terminated due to the political influence that the flour miller has and the Food and Drug Administration made no notice of violations since then.

This case is discussed in the book of H.W. Wiley called “The History of a Crime Against the Pure Food Law.”

How is The White Flour Made?

In order to understand what all fuss is about, you need to know how the white flour is made. Today, the white flour is made from wheat.

From seeding to storage, the wheat is treated with insecticides, fungicides, and pesticides.

And since then around 60 non-identical chemicals are approved to bleach flour.

Unknown Facts:

1. There is Diabetes-Causing Contaminant Alloxan in the White Flour

Your bread looks clean and fresh due to the alloxan inside. We like the look, but how good is it for our health? According to studies, the alloxan can destroy the beta cells found in the pancreas.

Due to its serious harmful effects according to the Textbook of Natural Medicine, this particular chemical is a powerful toxin for the beta cells.

Although the FDA i.e. Food and Drug Administration is aware that alloxan is bad for our body, still the allow the companies to use this chemical during the process.

On the other hand, it is good to know that with vitamin E the consequences and effects that the alloxan has can be reversed.

The Clinicians Handbook of Natural Healing by Dr. Gary Null says that the lab rats were efficiently protected from the severe effects of alloxan by vitamin E.

2. White Flour is a Natural Insecticide

Yes, if there is an insect inside of the bag of white flour, and if the insects eats it, it should die. The white flour kills any insect that eats the white flour.

That is why the white flour is a natural insecticide.

3. Contains L-cysteine

In order to speed the industrial process of the flour, the manufacturers add L-cysteine which is a non-essential amino acid.

It is found in fast food buns, pasta, pastries, cookies and pizza doughs.

How is L-cysteine Made?

Feel ready to be disgusted. Yes, the amino acid may be synthesized in a lab, yet the most usually alternative is the cheaper one. Those cheaper methods for production include human hair and duck feathers.

There is more to that, not only human hair but there are other sources of L-cysteine such as petroleum byproducts, cow horns, and chicken feathers.

Also, most of the L-cysteine actually comes from China. In China, there is a history of regulation that is very poor.

4. Bleached Flour Has No Nutrients.

You need to know that the manufacturers remove the six outer layers, the bran of the wheat seed and the germ that contains 76 percent of the minerals and vitamins.

Also, 97 percent of the dietary fiber is lost. Iron, B vitamins, Vitamin E, 70 percent phosphorus, 50 percent calcium and magnesium are all removed.

5. Added Potassium Bromate

After all the nutrient and layers are removed the flour is preserved, aged with chlorine dioxide and bleached. After that it is made whiter by adding ammonium carbonate, chalk and alum all that to make it look and appear more better for us the consumers.

In the final stage, there is sorbitan mono-saturate added which is an agent that is anti-salting. Also, there is potassium bromate.

The potassium bromate is actually a potent oxidizer that can damage cells. The IARC i.e. the International Agency for Research of Cancer considers that the bromate in the category 2B carcinogen ( it might be possibly carcinogenic also to humans).

In 1994, in most developed countries including all the EU countries along with Canada and UK banned potassium bromate and also chlorine and peroxides in food.

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