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Here’s How You Can Remove Warts Naturally

On an average rate, 20 percent of healthy individuals have problems with warts that clear up in the period of 3 months, but there is another 60 percent whose wart problems clear up within two years time. This tells us that treatment is usually not needed.

The problem with this is that warts can often be very painful and not pleasant at all, which calls for some kind of intervention. Luckily these days there is an array of treatments to choose from, but today we’re going to be discussing the most natural methods of them all.

Before all, the most important thing to take notice of while fighting against warts is to focus on boosting your immune system. This is something you can easily accomplish by taking foods and supplements rich with zinc as well as vitamin C.

It doesn’t matter where you have them, warts can easily be treated. Before continuing, let’s find out what warts actually are.

Warts are small hard growths that appear on the skin. Luckily they are benign and often show up thanks to a virus infection. In order to successfully get rid of you wart problem we should discuss about what type of the uncomfortable grow out that you have.

Wart Types

Common Warts or Verruca Vulgaris

These are the most common of all types, as the name suggests. They usually appear on the hands. They are papules that are skin colored, and with a relatively rough surface.

Flat Warts or Verruca Plana

Often appear on the back of the hands or legs. They are smooth, yellowish brown papules that are flat-topped.

Intermediate Warts

Are an infection that comes as a combination of the flat and common warts.

Periungual and Subungual  Warts

Warts that show up around and under your fingernails and also your toenails.

Plantar Warts or Verruca Plantaris

Usually appear on soles of your feet. They look like callouses.

Mosaic Warts

Warts that look like grouped plantar warts.

Conventional Methods on Removing Warts

There are many useful conventional methods that will help you get rid of the warts that you’re struggling with. Let’s look at some of them.

1. The Salicylic Acid

Salicylic medication is more successful when you apply it along with freezing treatment. This treatment is called cryotherapy. Ask your doctor if they would recommend this before trying out any treatment. Salicylic medication should regularly be applied.

2. Cryotherapy

Speaking of freezing treatment, cryotherapy is known to be painful and also take up a couple of weeks. This method destroys the wart completely freezing the infection using liquid nitrogen.

This practice works in the way that it triggers blisters coming up around the wart, so when it peels off, the wart come out as well. The method requires regular weekly check-ups until the warts are completely gone.

3. Immune Therapy

Immune therapy uses various solutions and medications to trigger  your system to fight the warts itself. Your doctor will probably inject the warts with an antigen that will destroy it in the end.

4. Surgery

Usually with minor surgery procedures the warts are cut with an electric needle. The skin gets numbed since the process can be painful. Surgery is also known to cause scarring so definitely consult a doctor and give it a thought before opting for this solution.

5. Laser Procedure

Laser surgery uses beams of light or lasers and burns the warts. Sadly the evidence of its effectiveness are limited and it usually causes pain as well as scarring so again, it’s best to consult a professional about undergoing this procedure.

How to Treat Genital Warts

Topical Medication

There are a couple topical options that you can choose. They are usually directly applied to the warts. There are imiguimod, podofilox and podophyllin. Podophyllin is a resin that’s plant based and completely destroys the wart tissue.

You need to consult your doctor since only a doctor can perform this method. Podofilox consists of the same compound as the latter but can be applied safely by yourself or a friend.

Trichloroacetic acid is a treatment that can burn off the warts, but this should always be performed by your doctor.

Do it yourself, off the store wart removers are usually not recommended for using on such a sensitive area. It is said that it can lead to even more pain and irritation.


If you make the decision to get your warts surgically removed, there are several options that can help you remove them. If it happens that you are pregnant during this process, and your baby might be exposed in the time of the delivery, surgery is very needed and a must.

The two very usual options are cryotherapy and surgical excision, where the doctor just cuts the warts off. Some other methods that are an option are laser treatments or electrical burns of the wart.

Here Are the Issues Regarding Conventional Treatment Methods:

  • When it comes to cryotherapy, you will probably need repeated treatments. Sadly the side effects are also pain and swelling.
  • If you make the choice to go for electrocautery, you will most likely have problems with pain and swelling afterwards.
  • For surgery, you will get some kind of anesthesia so there’s possibility for you to experience pain after the process.
  • Laser treatments are often expensive and very complicated. The side effects scarring and pain.
  • A lot of the options regarding genital warts usually are painful, cause scarring, and an overall unpleasant experience.

The Natural Ways of Getting Rid of Warts

Luckily there’s so many effective and natural methods that will help you clear the warts out of your life completely. Here is a list of some of the ways that will help you out.


Even though it sounds strange, this old Chinese method treats the warts in something that you call “smoke box”. The smoke box contains smoke from leaves from a tree called Populus euphratica.

Interestingly enough this method works as effectively as other conventional methods.

Here’s How to Make Your Smoke Box:

  • Find and purchase leaves from the Populus euphratica leaves to try out.
  • Light them up in a special controlled environment. Leave them to burn shortly.
  • Cover them. This way the oxygen sack will smother the flames.
  • After that, place your hands or feet at six inches above the leaves and leave the smoke make its way around your feet where your warts are for about 15 minutes.
  • You should be careful about burning the warts. You shouldn’t get close to the burnt leaves while there’s still smoke.

The reason behind the validness of this method is linked to the leaves that create smoke. They are filled with compounds that are antiviral and known as salicylates. Studies claim that this method is as effective as cryotherapy.

Duct tape

Duct tape in research proved to be more successful than cryotherapy. Researches performed a study that had 85 percent of the patients who used this method ended up being free from the infection, in comparison to the other 60 percent went with performed cryotherapy.

Most of the warts that were approached with this method were treated in less than a month. The cryotherapy group needed one more session and plus two weeks time to recover.

As a huge plus, children that have warts think the duct tape much less frightening. To use the duct tape, cover your warts with it for six days, soak it in water afterwards, gently remove the dead tissue and leave it exposed for about twelve hours.

This process should be repeated until you are wart-free.

Garlic and Banana Peels

Garlic, as well as banana peels are not only for bug bites or pimples – they work on warts as well. They treat warts that are flat, plantar, and common.

Before covering the warts with banana peels or a garlic patch, you should apply four drops of tea tree oil on the warts for maximum results. Then, cut the peel, and put over the wart.

You should do this before going to bed. This routine with either a banana peel or a garlic patch might need to be practiced for about three weeks until it completely destroys the warts.

Oil Remedies

Silver Nitrate

Silver nitrate can also be found as a ready ointment or solution that you can apply directly to the warts. This method is proven to be very useful and successful.


Zinc is can also be found as an ointment that you can put on the wart. Typical wart ointments that are zinc based contain 20 % zinc oxide. It should be put on the skin twice a day for a period that can last up to 3 months.

Another topical solution is to take distilled water and add 5 or 10 % zinc sulfate. This solution should be used three times a day for four weeks.

Essential Oils

An interesting method to treat warts naturally is by using essential oils. The most common choices of this method is using tea tree, lemon, oregano, eucalyptus, thyme, oregano, etc.

For plantar warts you should make a mixture out of only one drop of  frankincense as well as oregano with coconut oil for consistency. Apply this mixture directly to the wart for about two weeks up to a month until it is completely gone.

For genital warts however, you should try out frankincense oil and tea tree and apply it in the same way. Use the mix until the warts are gone. Apply with Q-tips.



Usually people who suffer from warts have a deficiency of zinc, which means this method can be very helpful. Ten mg of zinc sulfate per kg taken orally on a daily basis should do the trick. Repeat the method for six months straight.

Homeopathic Treatment

This treatment is an alternative practice that usually uses the smallest amounts of an active ingredient to help treat some sort of a disease. There are 25 medicines for warts in this type of treatment.

The right medicine to choose depends on the type of warts that you have. Common homeopathic medicines have : nitric acid, silica, antimonium crud, etc.

Antiviral Herbs

Herbs like astragalus root, elderberry and echinacea can help the body to combat the warts itself. Antiviral herbs can in fact slow down the development of viruses, as well as boost the immune system.

Boosting the immune system will help your body to do all of the work itself. This is a very safe and healthy method to fight warts since not only you help your immune system out, but you also won’t have the need to practice any other painful and scarring methods to treat them.

Supplements for Wart Treatment

  • Selenium (200 micrograms daily)
  • Garlic (one drop twice a day)
  • Olive leaf extract (500 mg twice on a daily basis)
  • Echinacea ( 300 mg twice a day )

Immune System Boosters (Drinks and Food)

Anything that will help boost your immune system will help you out through your fight with warts, because warts are viral infections nonetheless. Nutritional deficiencies, for example low levels of zinc in your system are the cause for warts appearing.

The following is a list of the foods that you can consume that not only will benefit your overall health and your system, but will also help you out with wart treatment.

  • Foods rich with Vitamin C  – Any citrus fruits, strawberries and bell peppers that you add to your diet will help your immune system out through any fight it faces.
  • Foods high on Zinc – Zinc is of crucial importance your immune system. Try eating foods with lots of zinc. Chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, etc.
  • Probiotic foods – Vegetables that are fermented like live-cultured yogurt and kimchi, as well as greek yogurt (milk of goats or cows) are enriched with good “germs” that your body can make good use of.
  • Green leafy greens – These vegetables are loaded with vitamin A as well as minerals.
  • Foods high on selenium – Selenium is an important antioxidant that helps our system. An example of foods that are rich with the antioxidant are Brazil nuts.
  • Raw cheese — Sheep’s milk, goat’s milk and soft cheeses are very rich with probiotics.

Here’s Some Beverages That Are Rich on Probiotics

  • Goat’s milk kefir / Coconut kefir — These beverages are very high on probiotics. The milk is even richer than the coconut one. They’re made with fermented goat’s milk or coconut juice with some kefir grains. The two options provide great probiotic intake.
  • Kvass — This is a very common drink, especially in Eastern Europe.
  • Kombucha — Lots of vitamins and probiotics

Lifestyle Modifications

If someone has warts, its best to avoid contact with that person. If you have warts, don’t pick or scratch them, because is an infection and if you do this they will only spread.

Covering the warts with a bandage is a good idea, but you shouldn’t leave it long enough so it causes a moist environment for the warts.

You should always keep your hands dry; it’s hard to treat warts when its humid. Also, never brush or shave the areas where there’s warts because this can trigger them to spread. Keeping your hands clean after touching warts is also very important.

Clothes and towels need to be kept clean so that in case someone else gets in contact with them, nothing happens. Reusing socks and clothes without washing them first is not acceptable as well.

These modifications will for sure help you out through your fight  against warts.


  • Never remove a wart by yourself. These are infections that need to be taken care by a professional. Just because maybe you have one wart it doesn’t mean it cannot be dangerous. Since it’s an infection you can actually cause the skin to develop even more.
  • By any means never scratch or pick on your infection. This can trigger bleeding, pain, and the spreading of the infection.
  • If you’ve decided to go for the smoke box way, you should practice general fire safety. Keep your feet at a distance from the smoke leaves.
  • If you notice negative results during your topical treatment, stop it immediately and consult a professional.
  • If you want to treat your warts, but are pregnant during that time, always consult a professional before undergoing any kind of method.

Some Quick Final Thoughts

The simplest and safest method if experiencing warts is just to wait it out till they disappear.

If you don’t want to wait the long process of the natural treatment of warts, that’s when you should start looking for some kind of treatment.

With whatever method you go for, just keep in mind, the immune system is the most important element of treatment. If your immune system is doing fine, and you take good care of keeping it boosted, you shall be fine.

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