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Reset and Recharge the Immune System in Just 72 Hours

The human body is the perfect environment for many pathogens like fungi, viruses, bacteria, and parasites to thrive.

Luckily, we have an immune system whose job is to protect us from these pathogens every day and every night.

What the immune system does is limiting the access of microbes to your body, thus not allowing them to grow and cause infections and diseases.

So, when a person has a weak immune system, it means that it can’t fully protect the body from all these foreign invaders. The result is some common illness like cold and flu or some more serious disease.

Therefore, keeping your immune system strong is of crucial importance for your health. And, today, it seems scientists have found a completely free and effective way to boost the immune system, even in elderly.

3 Days to a New Immune System

The scientists from the University of Southern California discovered that fasting for even 3 days could reset and recharge the immune system even in elderly.

They explain that fasting enables the stem cells in the body to start creating new white blood cells, leucocytes, which help counteract foreign invaders and prevent infections.

This could be a groundbreaking discovery for anyone, especially for those with a weak immune system like chemo patients.

A Regenerative Switch

The Professor of Gerontology & the Biological Sciences at the University of Southern California, Valter Longo, explains that fasting for at least 3 days can boost your immune system, even if you’re an older person.

What happens is the process of fasting stimulates the stem cells to start proliferating and reset the entire immune system.

During this period, the body removes the damaged and old parts of the immune cells to produce new energy. In other words, it creates a completely new immune system.

His study involved participants who fasted regularly for two to four days over six months.

Dr. Longo shares his excitement about the research, even though more clinical trials are needed to support the discovery. Still, it does look very promising. Here’s the entire study published in the ‘Cell Stem Cell’ journal.

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