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How to Rebuild Your Health after Chemotherapy

Would you believe that the conventional cancer-treating methods generate an estimated 200 billion dollars each year? And that’s just in the United States. A large part of this money is generated through the using and selling of chemotherapy drugs.

An even larger part goes to Big Pharma. Chemotherapy belongs to the category of treatments methods which are supported by allopathic medicine. The others are surgery and radiation. It is no secret that millions of cancer patients use some type of chemotherapy.

But it is of crucial importance to detoxify as soon as the session is over.

So, if you (or someone close to you) decide upon taking the step towards chemotherapy as a part of your overall cancer treatment, then we also advise you to get as much information as possible.

And in this particular case, we will be informing you on how to detoxify yourself after chemo.

First, Let’s Get Some Facts Straight

According to statistics, about 30% of all who have breast cancer will choose to undergo some type of chemotherapy. If we look at what chemotherapy does to those who have breast cancer, recent studies show that it may actually do more harm than good!

There has already been an understanding among doctors that chemotherapy does indeed affect your immune system. But no one knew exactly how much effect it had, until recently.


To be more specific, a recent study published in the Breast Cancer Researcher in 2016 and conducted by the University in Leeds, UK had some staggering results to show. They discovered, from the 88 breast cancer patients they had tested, that chemotherapy had a long term effect on one’s health, and especially on the immune system.

There were some drastic changes worth nothing. For example a reduction in B, T, and Natural Killer cell counts. And this just after two weeks of this kind of treatment.

And even after it ended, researchers discovered that some cells of the immune system, like the T cells, remained in low numbers after as many as 9 months.

But what’s even more staggering, is that the newly made B and T cells showed a drastic change when compared to the ones before chemotherapy was started.

This may very well imply that these new mutations may carry over into generations yet to come, long after the chemotherapy has finished.

So remember: much like surgery and radiation, chemotherapy may treat visible tumors, but that does not mean it affects circulating cancer stem cells. Think of it this way: stem cells are like blank slates.

They can help the body in many ways but when cancer is in question, they can be just as deadly. Their role changes constantly. And they are very important for the formation of everything from connective tissue to T cells, etc.

But in the case of cancer, they can assist in re-seeding and refueling the growth of the tumor.

But Let’s Not Keep You Waiting Any Longer

So, we learned why it is of utmost importance to detoxify yourself after chemo. The substances which will be listed below not only help with that but they can also stop cancer from recurring.

Beta Glucans

According to a study done by the University of Kentucky, beta glucans can help improve the ability of your immune cells to ‘eat’ the cancer cells.

They also have an effect on the gene expression in breast cancer patients. They are most efficient when extracted from yeast, or even better, from medicinal mushrooms.


According to the National Cancer Institute, it turns out that high temperatures can damage and even kill cancer cells. What’s even better is that this is done with nearly no injury to your normal tissue.

And according to some research done by the author of the book The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugee, Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, increasing your body temperature by just one degree can increase your immune system’s efficiency by as much as 40%!

So it is wise to use the heat in order to heal your body and naturally detoxify.

Hyperthermia can include things like Biomat technology, infrared saunas, helio protocols as well as other sun-based treatments, and hot therapeutic baths.

Broccoli Sprouts

They contain high amounts of sulforaphane, a substance which boosts the immune systems and fights cancer. It is an especially strong inhibitor for breast cancer. Sulforaphane also boosts the activity of your natural killer cells.

It creates what is known as apoptosis, and which means cancer cell death. You can consume sulforaphane in high-powered formulas or in supplement form.


You may have already heard about the many benefits of chlorella, such as that it is excellent at detoxifying your body from heavy metals and that it contains 10 times more beta-carotene than carrots!

But did you know that it is a powerful binder (chelator) of other, chemotherapy-related toxins? It also provides you with the much-needed B-12.It also represents a great booster of your immune system because it contains polysaccharides. What are they?

They are cells of the immune system which communicate with each other in the case of pathogen threats.

As if this wasn’t already plenty, this super alga also increases your glutathione levels. It can even help increase the oxygenation of your blood because it contains chlorophyll.


Last but most certainly not least, curcumin can also cause apoptosis, which, as we already mentioned kills cancer cells. Thus it can reduce tumor growth. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory substance and it can greatly improve the function of your immune system.

In fact, there are over 200 studies up till now, which talk about and show the efficiency of curcumin when it comes to treating breast cancer.

One particular study in Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry found that this component of the Indian spice turmeric tripled the effect of a protein whose role it was to battle viruses, fungus, and bacteria.

And As An Additional Note

If you find yourself undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, it is very important to use your supplements according to the advice given by your natural health provider.

It is also advisable to get your iodine, vitamin D, and melatonin levels checked.

You have to expect your immune system to function below what are considered healthy levels for some time after the chemo. Also, your body will be filled with toxins afterward so getting detoxified right away is essential. Otherwise those toxins will continue to cause damage to your body.

In order to avoid that and to also lower your chances of recurring cancer, flushing out the residual chemo toxins is a must. We sincerely hope you take this advice to heart.

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