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The Shocking Reason Why Hemp Is Forbidden Ever Since 1937!

A blessing for the organic and small farmers will be if the hemp cultivation is encouraged and allowed. The discussion is about the industrial hemp and not the medical marijuana/cannabis.

The medical marijuana/cannabis continues with proofs about its high quality and merits and gains more and more acceptance. The use of the industrial hemp should be a no-brainer.

However, it is a complex thing with bureaucratic and legal stuff and even without the Tetrahydrocannabinol  i.e. THC. In Canada this type of industrial cultivation is legal.

On the other hand, in the USA there was a negligence of the hemp industry by the insiders whose monopolies were in danger because of the benefits that the hemp might offer and become a competition with their products.

The Invention of the Decoricator

Circa 1937,the invention of the  the decoricator machine. This mechanical invention was to hemp the cotton gin of the 19th century. Actually, it was replacement of  hand shredding to glean its fiber. The fibers could be used for plastic, textiles, paper and clothing.

With this invention, the hemp would have the ability to take over the industries in textiles used for clothing, paper and plastics and fuel.

To grow hemp was easy the harvest time was around six months, no more than that. Popular Mechanics reports that 10,000 acres of hemp might produce the amount of paper as 40,000 acres an average pulp land.

The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937

The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 got its initiation by large businesses that were the competition, and they used government connections. That brought legislation even for the hemp without THC. Also, movies like “ Reefer Madness” hyped the marijuana scares.

Before this, the hemp was easy to earn money for small farmers and that was even before the decoricator.  There even was a recruitment for some of the farmers in order the cultivating hemp to continue during WWII. So they would provide hemp for military applications and the U.S. Naval Ships` ropes.

According to Thomas Jefferson, the hemp is a necessity to the wealth. Also according to George Washington, he indicated to make the most of it and to sow it everywhere possible.

Nutrition and Hemp

All essential amino acids needed to easy digest high protein are provided by the hulled hemp seed; cold pressed oils and powders. The hemp also provides great ratio of omega -3 and omega- 6.

The hemp is  a super food that you can buy online or in stores for healthy food. The seeds are from Canada; the industrial hemp there is legal.

Due to its nutrition during extreme shortages of food, you can survive only on seed from hemp.

Hemp  Helps and Improves Farming

Synthetic fertilizers or pesticides is not something that the hemp needs.

Which the phosphate industry mostly relies on that. The byproduct of the phosphate industry is the sodium fluoride the one that is sold to municipality water. That actually works for the poisoned tap water.

All sorts of phosphorous and nitrogen excesses are caused by the runoff of phosphate fertilizers from fields into waterways that join with seawater.

That actually leads to algae that stifles the ecological support system of water. The thick roots that the hemp has keeps off weeds. Also, the nitrogen of the soil can improve with the hemp and with that it will make it better for other crops.

For the organic farmer, they would act as profitable rotation crops and would be very useful. The growth cycle of the hemp plants is 4 months. The farmers would benefit harvesting hemp because in climates that are mild that would be possible two times in the year.

With letting the male plants to pollinate female plants came the elimination of  the taboo about marijuana. That actually reduces to legal level the psychotropic THC.

Eliminate the Toxic Petrochemical Plastics

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there is a clutter of plastic waste residue. And that exact clutter is actually bigger than Texas. There is an expectation that it shall decompose and might spread out to other oceanic regions and are harmful to bird and fish wildlife.

Also, in that way, it might end in our kitchens and on our plate.

Everything from automobile parts to clear wraps for foods we can made with hemp. The hemp plastics are resistant to heat, durable and stable and also bio-degradable.

Recently the French Auto Industry manufactured some of its parts for automobile using hemp.The one who pioneered the hemp usage was Henry Ford.

This happened in 1941, when the so-called “vegetable car” was produced with flax and hemp. This vegetable car was lighter and stronger than the steel cars.

Henry Ford for his vegetable car i.e. hemp-mobile used  fuel that is hemp bio-diesel.  This fuel creates less pollution than the regular.

However, the petroleum industry did not accept that. In 1930, even lacquers and paints were made by hemp seeds.

Hemp plastics are bio-degradable and are non-toxic. Also for all purposes, you can replace the petrochemical plastics with hemp plastics.

Construction Materials for Housing

The construction materials for house from hemp fiber are superior in comparison to the cheap materials that are frequently used in housing construction nowadays.

Before exterior coating, you will notice the use of wood substitutes of sheets, either press board, particle board or pasteboard. Some of these above mentioned are made with chemicals that are toxic and might off-gas. Their use is large due to the fact that is less expensive than other materials for construction.

The hemp is not expensive and can be made of different construction materials such as plastic, hempcrete, insulation, fiberboard, cement blocks, stucco, and carper. The materials made from hemp can last longer and are stronger. In addition, there are rot and mold free and more resistant to fire as well.

Last but not least, they are non-toxic and ecologically friendly.

More Trees for Tree Huggers

Paper is made from the pulp from the trees. But that will be better done if  we use hemp fibers. It is believed that the original Bill of Rights and  Constitution were,  believe it or not, but on hemp paper.

You can recycle the paper tree for 3 times, on the other hand you can recycle the hemp paper 8 times.

Since the hemp got a ban in the USA since 1937,  there is elimination of almost 70 percent of the forests in the USA. Bear in mind that trees need years to grow, while on the other hand the hemp only needs 6 months for harvest.

There is an estimation that 1 acre of hemp makes more methabe and oxygen from CO2 that 25 acres of forest can do.

There is an idea about how to improve the urban air quality. The idea is having inner city hemp plots.  In that way, there would be no need to have carbon tax legislation.

The paper used for tree and its pulping leads to more pollution and waste. Also, this particular industry consumes more water than others. It emits toxins and is the 5th largest industry that consumes energy.

We must become aware of the fact that we can replace the petrochemical industry with the hemp one.  And in the same time, we shall have no human consequences or toxic environmental ones.

We shall preserve our forests, just by using the hemp as a source for paper and construction. There would be no need for GMO cotton, herbicide and pesticide spray and synthetic fibers that are toxic.

Such beneficial plant that is easy to cultivate has been put aside by 2 % of people that find it as competition. And the more surprising fact is that the rest just simply agreed to that.

Source Real Farmacy | Collective Evolution

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