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Press This Area on Your Chest to Relieve Anxiety and Stress in an Instant

Over the course of time, Chinese medicine has slowly but surely been finding its way into the practices of western culture.

And it is only rightly so since there are many useful things it can teach us. For example, dietary therapy, herbal medicine, meditation, massage and even tai chi, all of which the west has gotten well acquainted with.

Then there is also acupressure and the many uses and benefits it can offer.

As useful as the information we are about to give you is, you should be aware that it is not meant to be a substitute for any professional treatment, diagnosis or medical advice.

What is Acupressure?

To put it in simply, it is a technique of applying pressure to a specific point on one’s body in order to achieve relief or relaxation.

You can think of it as acupuncture, minus the needles. And since many have practiced it for more than 2,500 years, one must be doing something right!

It’s no secret that western medicine primarily focuses on scientific research and drugs bought in pharmacies.

On the other hand, eastern medicine of the traditional kind focuses on the nature of a person. They incorporate the spiritual, mental and physical health as one.

By channeling one’s inner energy, traditionally called chi, you can restore your inner balance.

Not to mention relieve any anxiety and stress you may be experiencing.

Acupressure is also great for relieving pain, improving circulation, reducing the tenseness in one’s muscles, and prompt a deeper relaxation.

Here is how one can try this at home for themselves.

How to Use This Acupressure Method

Use your thumb and finger to gently apply pressure on the area between the eyebrows. Do this for 45 seconds.

Start using more pressure while at the same time pushing up towards your forehead’s midpoint. Repeat this for one minute.

Take deep breaths and keep constant control over your breathing.

Now once again place your finger on the area between your eyebrows. This time you should start at the slope of the nose.

While doing this, you should also apply some pressure to your sternum’s middle, the area between the pectorals.

What this technique does is help reduce any headaches and, since it prompts deeper breathing, it also lowers one’s stress levels.

On the other hand, the pressure you’d be applying to your chest is said to improve your general mood.

Furthermore, you can try other acupressure techniques which you will see in this video:

It shouldn’t be all that surprising that eastern methods are gaining popularity here in the West. Other than being completely harmless, they are also simple enough to do at home!

And who knows, maybe these anti-stress techniques were exactly what you needed?

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