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Add This Miracle Powder to Your Diet to Soothe Muscle Pain, and Boost Digestion and Hair Growth

Methylsulfonylmethane i.e. MSM powder can help you treat skin issues, to reduce muscle fatigue and inflammation. Because it’s highly adaptable, you can add this powder to any drink, and it won’t change the taste of the drink. How This MSM Powder Works The MSM works as a performance enhancer, combats fatigue and boosts energy levels. […]

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How to Use Activated Charcoal to Improve the Function of Kidneys, Liver, and Adrenal Gland

The effect of activated charcoal  was seen in 1831. At the French Academy of Medicine, a couple of professors were witnesses to the strychnine effect. A professor named Touery drank a fatal dose of the alkaloid. And it was a miracle because the professor survived. How? The activated charcoal save the professor’s life. Nowadays, people […]

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Is Roundup’s Toxic Chemical Glyphosate Really Found in 100% of California Wines?

Recently, many reports were claiming California wines contain the toxic chemical glyphosate. This chemical is found in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide which is widely applied to crops. Actually, this chemical is the most agriculturally used chemical of all times. It’s used in 700 different herbicides, Roundup being the most popular. There’s around 1,8 million tons of […]

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