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9 Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

Sunbathing is an important and vital step not only toward getting a bronze skin tone but towards getting plenty of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a highly important vitamin which the body produces in response to the exposure to sunlight. This vitamin is essential for muscle and bone growth and it protects against various health […]

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This Animal Might Be Returning Leprosy in America!

Leprosy, also known as Hansen`s disease, is actually a disease that leads to color patches on the skin and might damage the limbs, nerves, and eyes. Leprosy and Its Development The highest number of leprosy cases were reported in 1980 when there were millions of cases reported. However, the number dropped since then to 230,000. […]

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Foot Reflexology: More Than a Foot Massage!

Foot reflexology is a type of alternative medicinal approach which nowadays gains more and more popularity. Many hospitals and establishments have started offering it to their patients along with the standard medicinal treatments. And indeed, those who undergo this specific type of treatment have claimed to feel many benefits. Just to name a couple of […]

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Study Reveals the Shocking Truth About Flu Shots!

Johns Hopkins in a report in The British Medical Jurnal (BMJ) raised an intense question about influenza vaccines. Even though the influenza vaccine is urged on the public in indefinite numbers, according to Peter Doshi, PhD., it is not very effective to the people. What’s more, it causes more side effects than the Center for […]

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The Strongest Girls Are The Girls With Anxiety

A girl who is constantly doubting and questioning herself is often seen as insecure and weak. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. A girl with anxiety is constantly under the pressure of whether she should speak up or just stay in the shadows. This is for fear of the many potential consequences that can […]

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