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The World’s No.1 Food to Fight Cholesterol, Heart Attack and Hypertension

Although there are pharmaceutical solutions for almost every health problem, we are blessed to have our mother nature that has given us so potent remedies.

All we need to do is to learn which nature given item is suitable for which health problem and enjoy the many benefits.

There is this sweet fruit that is #1 food when it comes to help treating many health related issues. This food can prevent stroke, help regulate the blood pressure and boost metabolism.

This fruit is also rich in nutrients. That amazing fruit is dates.

Dates and Its 8 Incredible Benefits

1. Weight Management

Although this might be unexpected, but dates can actually help to manage your weight.

In order to lose weight, you can eat a couple of dates in the morning. This fruit can be your morning snack with your tea or coffee, or you can eat them right after breakfast.

However, bear in mind that this fruit is high in sugar, so you should consume it in moderation.

2. Heart Health

Dates can also help you to maintain the health of the heart. What you need to do is to put few dates in a glass of water.

Leave them overnight. Then in the morning take them out and drink the liquid. The water should have a sweet taste.

That can help to prevent heart disease, and it can also boost the function of your heart.

3. Constipation

Constipation is a common problem, and it is very unpleasant feeling. You often feel bloated. Dates can help with this as well.

You will need to make the same drink as the one for the health of your heart. And that is actually considered to be a powerful laxative.

Only 1 glass can help you solve this problem.

4. Blood pressure

The dates have magnesium and potassium. And that is great because the magnesium and potassium can help you regulate the blood pressure.

Just by eating from 5 to 6 dates on a daily basis, you will get around 80 grams of magnesium. That is enough to improve the flow of your blood.

5. Diarrhea

Dates have potassium. The potassium is essential when it comes to diarrhea.

Why? Because the potassium itself can help improve microflora and its function in the intestines.

That is very important when it comes to treating diarrhea.

6. Cholesterol Levels

Another fantastic benefit of the dates is that they can help you with your cholesterol levels.

They can help regulate them and at the same time help clean the blood vessels.

7. Iron

Dates are abundant in iron. The iron is very important because it helps for the hemoglobin and the red blood cells to form.

Furthermore, it simplifies and makes it easier for the oxygen to transport.

In fact, one serving of dates that is around 100 grams has around 0.9 milligrams iron, and that is actually 11 percent of the recommended intake of iron on a daily basis.

8. Stroke

The dates have potassium which is very good. The potassium can actually strengthen the nervous system and can also prevent strokes.

On a daily basis, you should get around 400 milligrams of potassium.

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