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Is Cinnamon Better for Pain Relief than Ibuprofen?

Nobody wants to consume pain killers that have deadly side effects, but people would do just about anything to get rid of the pain.

However, remember that for almost everything there are natural alternatives that are not only safe, but also efficient.

So next time you face any type of pain before you take that pain killer think about natural alternatives.

Use of Cinnamon for Pain Relief

According to recent research, the cinnamon powder can help reduce the symptoms of the painful periods like primary dysmenorrhea, especially in college students.

The study was published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. The study was done by Indian researchers that made a comparison of the effect that the ibuprofen and cinnamon have as treatment of painful periods i.e. primary dysmenorrhea.

There were 3 groups of 38 females. The researchers made an evaluation of the effect of 400 mg ibuprofen, 420 mg cinnamon i.e. Cinnamomum zeylanicum and starch placebo.

In all groups, there was monitoring on the intensity and duration of the pain. According to the results the cinnamon actually helps reduce pain with women during their period.

Cinnamon-  Effective and Safe Pain Treatment

According to the researchers, the cinnamon is completely efficient and also safe to use as a treatment of primary dysmenorrhea.

They recommend more researchers to start and study the effect of cinnamon regarding the reduction of the menstrual bleeding.

Why Cinnamon Better for Pain Relief Then Ibuprofen

The use of ibuprofen comes with few dangers. There is an estimation that the ibuprofen kills several thousand per year only from the cardiovascular side effects.

Unlike the ibuprofen, the cinnamon as a treatment for pain relief does not have any cardiotoxic properties.

In fact, quite the contrary the cinnamon  can reduce the blood sugar and the blood pressure. And that represents protection from cardiovascular disease. In terms of menstrual bleeding according to the recent clinical trial, it can help lower the severity of menstrual bleeding.

That means next time you experience difficult and painful menstrual symptoms do not reach for the pain killers because now you have a safer, natural alternative.

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