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For Chronic Lower Back Pain, Yoga May Work as Well as Physical Therapy

For people with chronic pain in the back, physical therapy is the most frequent prescription apart from the painkillers.

But, is yoga just as an efficient method and possibly a considerable alternative to painkillers and/or physical therapy?

The origins of the yoga varieties are Asian. Countries outside India emphasized physical movements, postures, and controlled breathing.

Enthusiasts often recommend yoga due do the health benefits it provides, especially the potential to decrease stress levels and ameliorate fitness constantly.

A team of scientists from several U.S institutions studied 320 diverse, randomly selected patients with ‘moderate to severe’ chronic lower back pain.  Around 2/3 of them were already taking prescribed painkillers.

They split them into 3 groups, with each group having a different kind of approach to the condition. They sent one group to weekly physical training sessions, another to weekly yoga classes, and gave the third one a guide book and frequently e-mail newsletters on pain management.

The Results?

Groups who practiced yoga and physical therapies (on average) successfully decreased pain in the back and improved their function significantly. Furthermore, they are more likely to stop consuming meds than the rest.


The pain generally comes from injuries can develop over time damaging the joints, bones, and discs of the spine. Chronic lower back pain not only that is painful, but also restricts activities and limits your movement to the minimum.

Chronic lower back pain is one of the top reasons why people see a doctor, besides respiratory infections. Furthermore, an estimated 80% of the population are expected to encounter it at some point in their lives.


These yoga regiments are based on the ‘pain & function’ questionnaires’ data acquired from women, so the results could be slightly different for people who take regular yoga classes.

Have you tried some yoga poses for back pain relief? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Source: WashingtonPost | CNBC

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