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11 Tips to Prevent and Treat Shoe Bite

The best stress buster is shopping. Buying a new pair of shoes for most is immense happiness. However, this sometimes turns into melancholy when from the new pair of shoes you get blisters or shoe bites. Shoe bites are the painful sores which occur because the skin is constantly being rubbed against the edges of […]

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12 Home Remedies to Clear Your Arteries Naturally

Clogged arteries represent a condition in which fatty plaque deposits within an artery, can restrict the blood flow to one’s brain or heart. Which means that the oxygen and nutrient-carrying blood cannot reach many different tissues and organs in one’s body. This is no laughing matter, as it can lead to serious damage as well […]

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10 Natural Methods to Relieve Heel Pain

Experiencing pain in your heels may interfere with your everyday life. The pain you feel may be located behind your heels, on the bottom, or the arches of your feet. One of the triggers of heel pain is wearing flats. Likewise, fractures, injuries, sprains, compressed nerves, obesity, wearing wrong shoes can be triggers. Additionally, there […]

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