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How to Burn Your Arm Fat with 3 Simple Techniques

You know the excitement when you see the pounds fall off and you start losing weight. Maintaining a healthy body, diet and exercising can be a real challenge.

But even if you hit the gym every day and you stick to your diet there are stubborn spots on our body located in wrong parts of the body and interrupt the overall body beauty. The most common stubborn spot for woman are the arms.

We have several tips to help you tone your arms and give you the result that you aim for.

1. Arm-Strengthening Exercises

Triceps Chair Dips

  • Put a chair aginst a wall and the seat facing toward you( you can use workout bench or edge of a table)
  • Put the hands behind you, shoulder-width apart, and hold yourself off the edge of the chair
  • Bend the knees to 90-degree angle, and as band you bend your elbows inhale, bringing the butt toward the floor
  • Exhale as you raise back exhale, and be careful not to extend your elbows

Tricep Kickbacks

  • Start with a free weight in your right hand, let your left hand rest and bent your head up and your neck needs to be straight
  • With your right-hand hold the weight, keep in mind that your neck needs to be straight
  • Between your forearm and upper arms form a 90-degree angle, keep your neck straight and head up
  • While exhaling, lift the weight using your triceps, until your arm is extended behind you. Do not use your left hand or legs and move only the forearm.
  • With your arm fully extended behind you inhale and pause, while bringing the weight in starting position, exhale.

Tricep Push-Ups

  • To do this exercise, put your hands on your shoulders, make sure your shoulder is width apart
  • By spreading your fingers and set equal weight on both of your hands
  • Next, you need to squeeze the abdominal muscles and straighten your legs, coming up on the balls of your feet
  • Push out from your heel and while doing that keep your back straight
  • Start doing push ups and exhale when you go back to starting position

If you aspire to tone your arms, there are a couple of sports that can make you achieve your goal.

2. Sports to Tone Arm Muscles

Kayaking or Rowing

This sport might be perfect for you If you like to be always out in nature. Kayaking will reduce your fat; this sport activates your arm muscles and your core also.

In case drawing or kayaking is too hard for you or you simply do not have access to that sport near the place you live, you can always go to the gym and try the rowing machine. Don’t underestimate it because of it’s harder than It looks.


Boxing is also one very effective arm sport. Although boxing involves a total body workout, it requires focus and strong arm muscles. But before you start hitting the bag at the gym or take boxing lessons make sure you check up for proper technique.


Tennis is also a high-intensity spot that builds your arm muscles. Go to the nearest tennis court, grab a racket and start toning your arms!

3. Developing Healthy Eating Habit

Have a Meal Before and After Exercising

Food is like fuel to your body. It gives energy to the body and brain to have a successful workout. Exercising on an empty stomach can lead to dizziness and nausea. It is recommended to get a carb as a pre-workout food.

After you lost some calories and your body worked hard to keep your heart rate, It needs a refuel. Protein is the best solution to give to your body after a workout and build your muscles.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Water is the best choice to help you avoid cravings and keep you full. Water also maintain your body is functioning at the most favorable health level. If you reduce consuming processed drinks like soda, juice, energy drinks will do wonders for your health and will help you use a few pounds.

Meal Planner

If you plan your meals ahead of time, minimizes the possibility that you will stop at some fast food restaurant. Make a list of healthy options for lunch and dinner, and it will make your life easier, especially when you are in a hurry or at work.

That will help you stick to your calorie but at the same time develop a healthy eating habit.

Source David Wolfe | Phen 375 VS

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