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10 Warning Signs of Kidney Damage You Are Ignoring

An estimated number approaching almost two million Americans are suffering from problems with kidney failure. Kidneys are the two twin organs in our body that are responsible for getting rid of the toxic waste and excess particles and other things our body doesn’t need by flushing it all out through urination. This is why they’re […]

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15 Foods to Clean Arteries and Prevent Heart Disease

Some of the signs that may indicate having clogged arteries count symptoms like HBP (High Blood Pressure), and high cholesterol in the blood also. Arteries are the biggest blood vessels in our body. Their responsibility is to transport blood rich in oxygen to the entire body from the heart. Atherosclerosis is a condition that indicates […]

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The Anti-Inflammatory Oil That Boosts Metabolism and Flattens the Stomach

This oil is not only famous for its attention-grabbing smell, it also works as a deodorant, tonic, sedative, insecticide, diuretic, febrifuge, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, and antidepressant. People have known its positive results working as an insect repellent because it has been used to protect clothes for many years. But as time goes by, scientists keep discovering more […]

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