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12 Home Remedies to Clear Your Arteries Naturally

Clogged arteries represent a condition in which fatty plaque deposits within an artery, can restrict the blood flow to one’s brain or heart. Which means that the oxygen and nutrient-carrying blood cannot reach many different tissues and organs in one’s body. This is no laughing matter, as it can lead to serious damage as well […]

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10 Reasons to Start Eating Moringa Pods Now

If you’re the kind who loves all kinds of superfoods, then you should also love moringa leaves thanks to all the benefits it can offer. Were you aware that the trees from which we harvest these leaves also bear pods which are no less nutritious? Some call them moringa pods, and yet others refer to […]

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Why Is Dancing So Good for Your Brain?

Throughout the entire human history, dancing has represented many things. It has been a part of important rituals, part of many celebrations, as a form of entertainment, as a way of relieving stress and expressing oneself. Most of us have come into contact with some type of dance, whether it was taking dancing lessons growing […]

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10 Best Foods to Eat Without Gaining Weight

Do you still feel hungry even after having eaten a large meal? It’s not just the size of the meal, but what it contains that’s most important. If it doesn’t contain food which is rich in what your body needs, then it’s only logical that you won’t satisfy your hunger. Furthermore, if you wish to […]

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10 Common Habits That Secretly Damage Your Kidneys

We’re fairly certain we don’t need to inform you that kidneys are very important for our health and general well-being. It only makes sense, since they have such a vital role to play in our bodies. Or perhaps the plural form would be more suitable here: vital roles. They filter our blood, eliminate any nasty […]

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What Happens to Your Body When You Get Angry

We’re all human beings here, right? And unless you happen to be some enlightened spiritual creature, chances are you’ll get angry at least a few times each month. And it’s not like it’s completely your fault either. There are plenty of everyday (and not-so-everyday) situations which can really test one’s nerves and patience. But anger […]

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