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Why Apple Leaves Are Good News For People Who Have Diabetes

For sure everyone knows the old saying that goes like this “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

There is a reason why this saying exists to this day. Apples are actually a fruit that has many healthy benefits.  And they have universal taste, so there is rarely someone that doesn’t like apples.

Known health benefits from the Apple are preventing diarrhea, particularly with children, and fighting atherosclerosis. In addition they can help with the battle against few types of cancer.

Those are:

  • Breast cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Liver cancer

We all know that the apple actually can contribute to maintain your general health.

We also love the homemade apple juice, but did you know that there are more beneficial parts when it comes to the apple?

Yes, there is more than just the fruit itself. The leaves are also bursting with abilities helpful for the human.

And in fact, one of the most prominent properties is that it might help with the fight against advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) activities.

What is AGEs?

The main reasons for insulin resistance are obesity and overeating. When it comes to the rise of diabetes other common triggers are oxidative stress and inflammation.

According to one recent study, it is believed that there is a link between the intake of AGEs i.e. advanced glycation end-products on a regular level and the development of type 2 diabetes.

AGEs are compounds that are dangerous. When you cook your food and expose it to high temperatures – AGEs is the result of that. If with years, they accumulate that in turn can lead to inflammation that can actually lead to disease.

Where they actually form? Well, the AGEs form inside our bodies naturally in the course of a process known as glycation.

To be more accurate, what happens is that actually the proteins and fats combine with sugars.  This actually can result in the normal functioning of our cells and can also be very harmful.

What it might happen is that the cells can become more responsive to premature aging. This is something that we do not want to happen.

Also, you can find these compounds that are dangerous and harmful in animal products such as red meats and anything that has a high content of fat and protein.

However, that does not mean that in this case food that have a high content of sugar and also processed foods do not matter. Cooking methods that might cause AGEs are those that include browning and overheating of the food like broiling, roasting, and grilling.

So next time you choose to have food that is actually charred you should think twice.

What Can Apple Leaves Do Here?

Only with consumption of these leaves, you can actually help to lower the activity that the advanced glycation end-products i.e. AGEs have.You can add the leaves in your homemade apple juice, and that is one of the ways you can choose to consume these leaves.

If you put them in the apple juice, you might increase the polyphenols that are in the fluid.

From this juice, not only people with diabetes but everyone enjoys the benefits. Why? Because the polyphenols might increase the power of this juice when it comes to hindering diseases.

However, these leaves are not the only enemy to the AGEs; they have other benefits that are related to beauty.

The leaves have content that is antioxidant and can help to fight against the aging signs. And in fact, the apple is a natural antibiotic, due to phloretin that is found of the content of the apple leaves.

These miracle leaves can also help in case of minor scratches and wounds. All you need to do is to crush them and put them on the affected area.

After all this, we are sure that you won’t neglect the apple leaves, next time you consume your apple.

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