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The Anti-Inflammatory Oil That Boosts Metabolism and Flattens the Stomach

This oil is not only famous for its attention-grabbing smell, it also works as a deodorant, tonic, sedative, insecticide, diuretic, febrifuge, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, and antidepressant.

People have known its positive results working as an insect repellent because it has been used to protect clothes for many years.

But as time goes by, scientists keep discovering more and more of the positive traits of the oil called patchouli.

As a surprise, there are dozens of them! You can use it to treat so many things, and we’ve compiled a list for you today to help you find out all about it.

The Patchouli Essential Oil is made through distillation of collected Patchouli flowers and leaves. Thanks to its smell people also use it in perfumes; it serves as a very common ingredient actually.

An interesting fact about patchouli is that it shares a common background with mint, sage, and lavender.

Since we listed so many benefits and advantaged linked to Patchouli, here’s an in-depth list of all its health benefits, as well as why and how it could help you.


Boosts up your metabolism: The oil can help you on your journey by speeding your metabolism. This can further on help you with flattening your stomach.

Bites, burns, or cuts: Since Patchouli oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory traits, if you put some of it on either a cut, burn or a bite, it’s going to help it heal, and also it will prevent from infections.

Helps through fever: Patchouli essential oil reduces body temperature in cases of fever by fighting the infections that cause the fever.

Inflammation: You can use patchouli oil to help treat inflammations also.

Antidepressant: Consult a professional on how to incorporate Patchouli into your lifestyle to help treat depression.

Impotence: Patchouli has proven to even help people who are struggling with impotence. Ask a professional on how to use Patchouli to trigger your hormonal release and put it back on track.

Bug Repellant: In the array of possibilities this oil gives, you can even use it as a bug repellant! Place some of the oils in certain corners of your house and even put it while washing your clothes to keep away insects like flies, moths, ants, lice, mosquitos, etc.

Natural Deodorant: Since it has a nice, soothing aroma, you can use it as a natural way to get rid of your body odor. Another amazing bonus of the oil is that it actually has the ability to destroy bacteria, fungi, and germs.

Apply it by adding a few drops on the areas you usually apply regular perfume and deodorant.

How to Make Your Own Deodorant!

Mix baking soda with cornstarch by using equal amounts of the two. 1/4th of each is good.

Then put some coconut oil and mix the ingredients together. Then, add fifteen drops of peppermint oil, ten drops cedarwood, and ten drops patchouli.

Now you have your own perfume/deodorant made entirely out of natural products!

If you’re interested in more of the wonders Patchouli Oil can do, or maybe you even want to use it in your daily life, look up a different way of creating your own concoctions that will help better your life and overall health.

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