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How to Age Independently and Stay Away from the Nursing Homes

Do you want to know how to avoid going to a nursing home in the peak of your climax? This article will reveal the ways of how to spend your twilight years at home.

A recent study reveals the aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Thereby predicting an independent state in the later stages of life. Several factors contribute to living without a caretaker in the climax period, such as living with somebody and physical activity.

According to another study, other factors can include specific behaviors such as not smoking and sticking to a particular diet.

However, the geriatric population keeps on growing, thus making the guidelines for keeping senior citizens mobile invaluable, experts explain.

The Study

Kristin Franzon, the lead author of the study and a Ph.D. geriatrician, claims that the elderly still have very high values of sustaining independence.

The aim of her survey was to determine if the dependency is an inevitable part of aging. Or, if there is something individuals could do to preserve their independence as they grow old.

Her study lasted 16 years and was a sequel to previous research that took place at the same university in Sweden, back in 1970.

The only difference between the 2 studies is that the previous one involved 50-year old people, whereas the 2nd one involved octogenarians.

The Results

Approximately, 369 out of 1.100 participants accomplished the final study. While 93 of them were considered as co-dependent agers, 276 lived independent lifestyles.

The relatively low numbers are due to the high benchmarks as well as the severe illnesses and rigorous standards in the study.

In addition, the cohort had to undergo a series of full check-ups during the medical examinations. To determine the surrounding factors in their conditions.

Further, they held a Mediterranean diet with a slight adaption to fit Swedish men. Typically emphasizing fruits and vegetables, cereals, fish and fatty acids, excluding nuts or olive oil.

Out of all the data collected during the study, 3 main traits were directly linked to independent aging: a Mediterranean-like diet, a waistline smaller than 40 inches, and never having smoked.

Other characteristics, including cohabitation and physical activity, only contribute to longevity.

So far, this is the first research of its kind to display a link between maintaining independence at an old age and a great obedience of a Mediterranean-like diet, Kristin explains.

However, these particular lifestyle suggestions may not apply the same for everyone. While the similar age range and ethnicity provide consistency, it confines how applicable the discoveries are to a wider population at the same time.

For instance, as women get older, they tend to encounter more difficulties in doing everyday tasks than men do. Although the proportions of the study are rather small, they analyze not only the quality of lifestyle but the longevity of seniors as well.

It’s also quite remarkable and very rare for a research to last such a lengthy period of time. As seniors continue to flood the nursing homes, further research is required to fully comprehend what exactly will keep them active.

Final Summation

Not every one of us has a family that can carry the economic and emotional burdens of providing care. For some seniors, nursing homes signify neglection and boredom, for others – a successful maintenance of aging independently.

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Source PBS NewsHour

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