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6 Good and 6 Bad News About Coffee and Your Health

One of the most confusing research ever done was that on coffee. Not to mention extremely contradicting. One moment you read about all the good things coffee can offer you and your health, and the next moment you find an article which warns you of the dangers of drinking coffee.

In the end, you don’t know whether coffee is any good for you or not, so spending time reading all those articles may just as well not even have happened. You may even choose to ignore any post you see concerning this topic, having had enough of such back-and-forth information.

That’s why we’ve decided to give you a realistic view of the things coffee can offer you, and that means both the positive and negative sides. All this supported by studies, of course, so at least you’ll know that what you’re reading has been proven.

We’ll give you this information, all while interchanging between the good and the bad, as we find this is the best method to obtain a ‘down to earth view’ when it comes to any subject, coffee being no exception. Shall we?

Good News #1: Coffee Aids In Preventing Early Demise

Let’s start big: The most recent research conducted claims drinking several cups of coffee daily can help prevent certain death causes. But keep in mind that this research does not claim 100% that coffee can extend one’s life expectancy.

These studies are merely observational and have witnessed some linking between coffee consumption and a lower mortality. The exact reasons why are also rather debatable. One of them can be the high antioxidant content naturally found in coffee.

They provide protection for our cells against any inflammation and oxidative stress. Whatever it is, plenty of studies have discovered similar results, which leads us to believe that there is indeed some truth in them!

Bad News #1: Coffee Is Linked to Insomnia

You have surely heard about this connection sometime in the past. And while some people don’t seem to be affected by caffeine at all, sleeping tightly even after drinking several cups, others are much more sensitive and avoid drinking coffee in the evenings as if it were the black plague.

Generally, though, coffee is not considered a good idea if you want to get a sound sleep. In fact, some advise against drinking coffee no later than 2 PM! This is because caffeine has been proven to be an extremely enduring chemical.

Would you believe it takes as long as 6 hours to eliminate half of this chemical? This is where its strong link to sleeplessness comes from, backed up by certain research. So either stick to coffee in the morning or turn to decaf (though make sure it is truly decaffeinated).

Good News #2: Coffee May Preserve the Liver

This is according to a recent observational study conducted, involving the consumption of both tea and coffee. The result was a healthier liver, which may be due to a number of reasons scientists are still mostly puzzled over.

One explanation we can offer is that both these beverages contain compounds which protect one’s tissues. Our body’s main filtration system, the liver, can greatly benefit from such compounds flowing through the bloodstream.

Bad News #2: Coffee Can Cause Anxiety

Though, it’s rather unjust to blame this solely on coffee, as anything with caffeine will have the same effect. This effect can be divided into an immediate trigger and a slow-burn trigger.

The second is by far the more concerning of the two, as it hangs around in our system for as long as caffeine does, which, as we explained prior, is no short period of time. Furthermore, research suggests coffee may decrease GABA levels.

This is the neurotransmitter which helps regulate our anxiety, so you can see why it’s a big deal.

Some additional bad news includes the fact that it can amplify the effects of epinephrine and cortisol, our main stress hormones. So anyone already suffering from anxiety attacks should best limit their intake.

Good News #3: Coffee May Protect Against Diabetes

That’s right. Daily consumption has been linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Once again, the reasons are not crystal-clear, but some researchers believe this is thanks to coffee’s ability to protect cells from any toxic protein accumulation, which play a part in the onset of diabetes.

Bad News #3: Coffee Heightens One’s Craving for Sweets

A recent study made the discovery that coffee changes our perception of taste. Namely, sweet things seem less sweet. Such a subtle change can have dire consequences, such as an increased craving for anything sweet.

This might explain why coffee compliments pastries and donuts, which by no means indicates you should indulge in such habits, quite the contrary.

Good News #4: Coffee Might Prevent Dementia

Next on our list of positive sides to coffee is that 3 or more cups daily may prevent cognitive decline, and dementia as a result. The reason for this could be either caffeine itself, but most probably it’s thanks to caffeine working together with the many other compounds found in coffee (such as polyphenols).

A noteworthy study on this same subject also suggested coffee could delay the onset of Alzheimer’s’. The reason may be the very same as that of why it might protect against diabetes: toxic protein accumulation prevention.

Bad News #4: Coffee Might Worsen GERD

In case you already suffer from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), limiting your intake or avoiding coffee altogether may be a smart choice indeed. You see, coffee has the ability to stimulate gastric acid secretion. Which can lead to heartburn even in those with mild cases of GERD.

Good News #5: Coffee May Improve Memory

A large number of studies have made this crucial connection. The main reason is that coffee also acts as a mental acuity enhancer. Further good news is that it may not just be a short-term effect, as certain research serves to suggest it lasts much longer.

Bad News #5: Coffee Might Cause More Forceful Heart Contractions

A recent study proved that right after consuming a caffeinated beverage, one’s heart started producing more forceful heart contractions. However, it is still uncertain whether this has any long-term consequences or not. Those who are already dealing with some cardiovascular issues should still take extra caution.

Good News #6: Coffee Aids in Burning Fat!

Were you aware that caffeine is present in almost every commercial supplement for burning fat? There’s a very good reason behind that. Caffeine is scientifically proven to be one of the extremely rare natural substances which truly aid fat burning.

Numerous studies claim it can boost one’s metabolic rate by 3-11%! Another study claims caffeine has the ability to increase fat burning by 10% in obese or overweight individuals and 29% in lean individuals!

Bad News #6: Coffee Can Be Bad for Our Skin

This is because one specific study found that caffeine has the ability to inhibit the production of collagen in the skin. Mind you, this is largely dose-dependent, and unless you happen to be a really heavy caffeine consumer, you probably have nothing to worry about.

Extra Good News: Coffee Can Make One Happy

We decided we did not want to end this article on a negative note. So, here is one more good side to having a cup of coffee. This might sound more like it has more anecdotal value than being scientifically valid, but we promise you, it’s both!

Coffee is a well-known psychoactive brain stimulant. Not only does it bolster energy, but it also serves to improve our general mood, at least for a short period. And the fact that it’s delicious doesn’t hurt either right?

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