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5 Foods You Should Avoid to Prevent a Heart Attack

Heart disease is unfortunately one of the primary causes for an untimely death, and not just here in the U.S. either.

There are a number of factors which can increase one’s risk, and obesity is definitely one of them.

Not getting enough physical activity throughout your day definitely increases your chances for developing a heart condition, but there is something which has just as much, if not an even bigger influence: the food you consume on a daily basis.

This is why you need to take extra precautionary measures about what you eat, especially if you want to maintain your heart’s health. Actually, your health in general.

Here are 5 types of foods you’d do best to avoid (or at least cut back on) if you want your heart to stay healthy.

1. Processed Meats

This shouldn’t really be a surprise to you. These meats are bad for you for a number of reasons.

You should definitely try limiting your processed food intake by no more than two servings per week. Ideally, you should try avoiding them altogether.

And yes, we know that to most of you they are delicious. Deli meats, sausages, salami and hot dogs may very well be on your favorites list, but they are anything but good for you.

This is due to their high nitrates, preservatives and salt content.

2. Processed Grains

Second on our list (but no less dangerous) we have processed grains and carbs.

These highly refined grains are by no means good news for your heart and body, so make an effort and limit them to just 7 ounces per week.

Instead, opt for the much healthier alternative: whole grains. Many studies have shown that consuming them can actually lower your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Consuming white rice, white bread and low-fiber cereal only acts to increase both your bad cholesterol and your blood pressure.

3. Soft Drinks

This shouldn’t be much of a shocker for any of you either. They have a  bad reputation, and for good reason.

Still, if you find you cannot do without your soda altogether, at the very least try limiting it to 8 ounces per day.

But it’s great if you stop drinking it entirely as you will also be sparing yourself from all those excess, 0-nutritiuon calories.

And don’t fall for the whole ‘zero calories’ fad, it’s those types of soda which have the worst effect on your health.

Any bad soda-drinking habits only lead to uncontrollable weight gain, which, as mentioned, may lead to a heart attack.

4. Trans Fats

Another ‘bad boy’ when it comes to the food category. It seems they are everywhere, whether in baked goods, packaged snacks or margarines.

No good can come from this type of fat, so try and avoid it completely if you can. It only serves to increase your bad cholesterol.

You can always snack on products you’ve made sure have no trans fats. You can do this by simply checking the packaging.

5. Saturated Fats

Yes, these too. Sour cream, mayonnaise and butter are all pretty high in their saturated fat content.

And, no surprise that too much saturated fats bring about higher levels of cholesterol which can ultimately lead to heart disease, particularly coronary heart disease.

Aside from the 5 types of food we mentioned, it would also be wise to limit your alcohol intake.

A glass or two daily may indeed help protect your heart, but overdoing it can have quite the opposite effect. Stay healthy out there, dear readers.

Source: Steth News| Health Harvard | Music Source: BenSound

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