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10 Reasons to Start Eating Moringa Pods Now

If you’re the kind who loves all kinds of superfoods, then you should also love moringa leaves thanks to all the benefits it can offer. Were you aware that the trees from which we harvest these leaves also bear pods which are no less nutritious?

Some call them moringa pods, and yet others refer to them as drumsticks, because they sort of resemble ones. It doesn’t matter what you call them; the fact remains that these ‘drumsticks’ are good for you.

Inside the pods, you’ll find seeds (which are about the size of peas) which are surrounded by a rather fleshy pulp. Keep in mind that all of the parts of these drumsticks are completely safe to eat. Even though the pods are hard, they become soft once you cook them.

In the countries where the moringa tree is a native plant (like those in Africa and Asia), people most often add them to stews and soups. In order to fully prepare the moringa pods for cooking, people have to first thoroughly wash and dry them.

The next step, you trim the tips, and you chop the pods which can measure anywhere from one to two inches. So why grab some drumsticks and make them a part of your regular diet plan? Read on to find out some of the best reasons.

1. They Detoxify the Body

They are excellent at purifying your blood, much like the moringa leaves are. By consuming these tropical pods, you are facilitating the poisonous substance elimination process. Which is great, since there are plenty of those circulating in your various systems.

It’s precisely for this reason why moringa pods are fantastic at soothing all kinds of skin problems which toxin-filled blood can bring you.

2. Aid in Blood Sugar Control

If you happen to be diabetic or even prediabetic (your doctor keeps warning you to take extra caution not to develop it) then one of the best things you can do is incorporate these pods into your daily diet, or at the very least, as often as you can.

Why? They do wonders when it comes to controlling one’s blood sugar levels, which ultimately saves you from many unwanted complications down the road.

3. Natural Immunity Boosters

Did you know that regular consumption of these pods reduces your risk of infections such as the flu or the common cold? And no wonder, since moringa leaves are loaded with vitamin C, it only makes sense that moringa pods are also terrific immunity boosters.

Nutrition experts also claim they possess antimicrobial properties, which is one more extremely important plus!

4. They Promote Skin and Oral Health

Like we said, these are abundant in vitamin C, which also plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of our gums, and that includes a smile filled with strong pearly whites. On top of all that, it promotes the health of our skin, as well, which we’re sure you’ll agree is no small matter.

The biggest ‘gift’ for our skin is that, since this nutrient encourages your collagen synthesis, it frees your skin of wrinkles and fine lines caused by the aging process.

5. They Provide Energy

Whether it’s mental and physical activities, the vitamin B content of these pods, which also keep the nerves healthy and properly functioning. The many B vitamins like pantothenic acid, niacin, pyridoxine, and thiamine help your body turn carbs into energy.

6. Sharp Eyesight

And yet another vitamin these pods possess is vitamin A, which aids in keeping your eyesight intact. Many experts claim a diet high in this vitamin protects one’s eyes from many issues, some of which can even lead to vision loss. All the more reason to stock up on moringa pods.

7. They Help With Cholesterol

With their 0 cholesterol presence, these pods can reverse the effects of one’s high cholesterol. In fact, in Ancient Thai medicine, the moringa is considered a natural cardiotonic, which can both improve and control the way our hearts contract.

Furthermore, they produce fatty acids which go by the name of oleic acid (also found in olive oil), which has many health benefits and can even prevent any blood clots or cardiovascular diseases. If you’re looking to keep your cholesterol levels down, replace animal fats with this moringa.

8. Lower Blood Pressure

You better believe it: these drumsticks can naturally lower our blood pressure, which, what with that high obesity levels in the western world, is becoming more and more of an issue. It can lead to serious heart problems, among which strokes and heart attacks.

Even though much more research needs to be conducted, the one which has already been done proves that moringa pods have the power to reduce oxidized lipids and even keeps one’s heart tissues safe from constructional damage. Make sure to consult with your doctor on this matter.

9. Reduce Inflammation

Another great thing about the moringa plant is that it has already gained fame as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Its pods are no exception to this. Thanks to this ability of theirs, they’re super-useful for reducing soreness and boosting the health of one’s joints.

This makes them a great help for those who happen to be suffering from arthritis or any other inflammatory or joint-related disease. It helps them lead a more high-quality, independent life.

You see, thanks to their protein and amino acid content, these pods have no trouble strengthening one’s joints.

10. They Improve Your Wellbeing

Besides the many health benefits, we already mentioned above; there are plenty of other nutrients contained in these drumsticks which aid in maintaining optimal health and well-being.

For example, they supply us with iron (goodbye, anemia!) and calcium (strengthens tour bones!).

Then there’s copper which can maintain your tissues, and even zinc, which can regulate the effects caused by stress. Would you believe they can even boost the health of our hair and encourage its growth?

Well, for something so small, they sure pack a healthy punch, wouldn’t you agree? Give moringa pods a try and stay healthy, dear readers.

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