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10 Crazy But Effective Cleaning Tips Your Granny Used

Today cleaning is much easier to do. We have products and machines that can ease our work and save precious time. But, the bad thing is that these products are full of chemicals.

A long time ago, women didn’t have these products. And we seem to have forgotten how they cleaned back then. Most of their cleaning solutions were simple and easy to make at home, and they worked well.

Moreover, these solutions serve as a proof of how smart women actually were back then.

10 Cleaning Tips

Check out some of the most powerful and popular cleaning secrets that your grandmother used to use!

1. Natural Whitening and Lightening

If you want to replace the chemicals you use for whitening your clothes, try soaking your white shirts in hot water with some lemon juice. Let the clothes rest in the water for a few hours. After that, you can hang and dry them.

2. Remove Adhesives With Oil

If you want to remove the adhesive from your jar, put some olive oil on a piece of cloth and rub it off.

3. Natural Air Fresheners

Back then, women didn’t have scented candles or air fresheners. Instead, they soaked cotton in vanilla and put it in potted plants. Moreover, you can replace the vanilla if you don’t like it with essential oils as well.

4. Homemade Window Cleaner

Instead of chemicals, women used this recipe to create their very own formula for cleaning the windows:

  • 1½ tablespoons rubbing alcohol
  • 3 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 1½ tablespoons white vinegar
  • 1 and a half cups of water

They put all the ingredients in a spray bottle, shook it and sprayed the windows.

5. Remove Hard Water Stains With Vinegar

It may seem strange, but some women removed these stains with only vinegar. However, if they had clothes with big stains that won’t go away, they soaked them in vinegar. After some time the stains would go away.

6. Borax

Women used borax for everything, even in the kitchen, bathroom sinks, and tiles. On top of that, they used it as a detergent booster.

7. A Pillowcase for Cleaning the Ceiling Fan

This is a great idea. They wrapped the blade of the ceiling fan in a pillowcase to not let dust scatter around the house. Easy and mind-blowing!

8. Cleaning Silver With Toothpaste

Yes, that is true. Toothpaste can clean silver and make it look like new. They rubbed the toothpaste all over necklaces and rinsed it. If you try this out, you will see that your silver jewelry will look good as new.

9. Cotton Tea Cloths

Women used cotton tea towels instead of paper towels. It is cheaper, great for the environment and easy to wash. Also, this idea saves a lot of money, and it is practical.

10. Divide Sponges

Women who lived during the Great Depression cut their sponges in half so that they can use more sponges and save money. They could even make three sponges out of one, so this trick proved useful.

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