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10 Natural Ways to Treat Your Bunions at Home

Do you have this weird, bony bump at the base of your big toe? Well, that’s a bunion. It appears when your body’s weight keeps falling unevenly on your foot joints and tendons. The added pressure increases the size of the joint, making it drastically more noticeable than before. Even though it can develop in […]

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20 Practical Ways to Use Coca Cola!

The right description for this popular drink is refreshing, and it could be also dangerous for your teeth. But, on the other hand, Coca-Cola can be useful if used around your home. That’s right. You can use this popular drink to clean all sorts of things around your house. Its high acidity makes it a […]

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The World’s First Golden Bananas Could Save the Lives of Thousands of Children in Uganda!

Professor James Dale from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia and his team have created a new type of banana called “golden bananas.” What’s so fascinating with this type of banana is that it could help a lot of provitamin A-deficient children in Uganda. The Plant Biotechnology Journal has published the amazing discovery about […]

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