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Wake Up an Hour Early to Live an Hour More

You may have heard by now that rising early in the mornings is an excellent way of taking and maintaining control over our daily schedule. ‘The early bird gets the worm’ – there is indeed some truth to this age-old proverb. If we learn to take advantage of our mornings and use them wisely, we […]

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Alert! Throw Away Your Fidget Spinner Immediately – Authorities Release New Report Saying It Can Kill Your Child

Shocking discovery. Research has recently put into light the dangers which the popular kids’ toys know as fidget spinners hide. They discovered huge quantities of contaminants which may prove more than harmful for all children across the U.S. These toys use balanced blades and ball bearings in order to rotate. The thing is, they are […]

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Chemotherapy Can Spread Cancer Rather Than Stopping It

According to Dr. Lee Cowden, most people with cancer die from the consequences of treatment rather than the cancer itself. And while the methods of treating cancer are evolving and new ways are being discovered, the old method of “cut, poison and burn”, aka surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation is still the most wide-spread and regarded […]

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